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The Soil-Max Gold Digger tile plow allows farmers to harness the power of tools they already own to produce higher yield. While most tile plows on the market require specialized tractors to haul their excessive weight, the Gold Digger, made of T1 steel, offers twice the strength with half the weight and is easily attached to a farmer’s existing tractor. 

The unique product design improved on existing drainage plows. It was unaffected by tractor variability and the Soil-Max Gold Digger grade control allows for consistency and integrity of tiling.

A Plow for Your Operation

  • Manufactured from T1 Steel, allowing twice the tensile strength with half the weight.
  • 2 ¼” of t1 is = to 6” of mild steel in strength.
  • Thinner profile shank = easier pulling through the soil.
  • Lifting action lifting soil through the entire soil profile to make less drag on the plow.
  • Installation of 3” to 10” tile by changing quick change poly sided boots and shear.
  • Trapezoidal shaped shear and contoured boots to match tile size and maintain tile trench from beginning to end for accurate pipe placement.
  • Zero deflection produces better grade control with the tile exit point directly below the hinge point of the pitch plow.
  • Proprietary proportional valve to make crucial incremental adjustments to keep your plow on grade.
  • Available options: PWM controlled tile feeder, walking tandems.

Soil-Max Tile Plows.


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Access professionally designed drainage tile plans in the field & at your fingertips.

Flow-X was developed through knowledge and understanding that while farmers are highly interested in installing field drainage tile themselves, they are often limited by the ability to create proper tile plans. Flow-X solves that problem.


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